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The Soul of Humanity is questioning, deeply yearning for a greater sense of connection and belonging. Something is missing. And the sense of lack is driving society to the very precipice of destruction. Humanity must reconnect with his divinity to survive the shifts that will inevitably unfold. The answer lies within. But it’s an answer that is not divorced from the outer world we live in – it’s intimately interconnected. How do you look into every circumstance of your life and find the divine connection that will complete you?

Epic true awakening story, around the circumstances of a life threatening car crash, precipitating a rapid expansion into our multidimensional reality. It’s crafted to reflect into the day-to-day circumstances of your life, revealing how you too can Breakthrough.

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Breakthrough: Divine Revelations (Interactive PDF)

An epic journey of awakening, demonstrates how to break through in all circumstances of life. Download the interactive (pdf) ebook and begin right now for £5.50.

This book is a part of the illuminating Openhand Book Trilogy.

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BREAKTHROUGH: Divine Revelations (Paperback)

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This book is a part of the illuminating Openhand Book Trilogy.

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A gripping true account of an awakening story, reflecting divine revelations into your daily life.
Sharing a powerful Breakthrough process to workthrough toughest of your life’s challenges.
Unveiling how to access your deepest inner Cosmic Self and embody it right here and now.
Revealing how benevolence and the angels work through synchronicity to support you.
Illuminating prophecy for the immediate, tumultuous 5D Shift, that our planet is moving into.

About the author

I am a Higher Dimensional Bridge – which means I help people connect into the Higher Dimensions; to access their True Self and realign with the natural flow of the Universe. To achieve this, I work with a team of Ascended Master Energies working in the ether that I call “Openhand”. Energy is transmitted through written or spoken word, and at gatherings by resonating frequencies of authentic beingness. People begin to notice, free up, and integrate lost aspects of themselves. I’m working closely with the Benevolent Mission in the ether around the earth to support humanity’s shift into the Higher Paradigm.

Author’s Note

“This book is the first in the Openhand series of the 5D Ascension Program, which is a framework of exploration for your own evolutionary inquiry. I suggest you take your time when you read it, pausing at key explorations that resonate for you and work to apply the revelations contained within the text to the situations you’re currently facing. That way, it becomes much more than just reading a book, but rather powerful inspiration for your shift into a higher consciousness.”



This book is part of the Openhand Book Trilogy

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