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Openhand Enlightening Book Trilogy

Openhand provides an interrelated series of 3 books to support your evolution, digital and paperback. Although connected, each book is standalone – you don’t have to have read the others for each to make sense.

An Epic Journey of Awakening

How to Effectively Navigate the Path of Ascension

Activating the Cosmic Divine Being in You

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BREAKTHROUGH (Divine Revelations)

This is an epic, true story of one man’s journey of Spiritual Breakthrough. It reveals how, in every single moment, each person is supported by an etheric divine connection – a benevolent force – supporting you in life, and working with you to break through into your greater divinity. The book helps you delve deeply into every situation you face and find the deeper meaning – the divine revelation. It shows you how to embrace the moment fully, what to work with and how to work, so that you can eternally live the brilliance of You. The world stands on a precipice. Divine revelation is the answer.

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5GATEWAYS (The Spiritual Routemap)

Where are you on your Spiritual Journey right now? How might you be affected by inner child conditioning? What might you do to activate Kundalini and process your Karma? Are you approaching Enlightenment? Are you Ascending into 5D? Understanding how these all interrelate and affect your life, can greatly influence your destiny. There are many ways up the ‘spiritual mountain’, for each of us there is a unique path. Yet those who have ascended before, often speak of five key expansions, five key ‘altitudes’ through which all tend to pass. It is a common journey of Ascension that has been followed by spiritual masters through the ages.

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DIVINICUS (Rise of the Divine Human)

Where did humanity really come from? Where is he really going to? This book will take you on an enthralling journey: from the deserts of Arizona to the planes of South Africa; from the Garden of Eden to the Big Apple; from ancient Lemuria to the submerged Atlantis. Sharing perspectives into the full magnitude of this interdimensional reality, helps process humanity’s ancient karma and activate your spirit-light-body – that which will activate your Cosmic Divine Being – the evolution of humanity in the New 5D Paradigm.

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