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Where are you on your spiritual journey? How might you be affected by inner child conditioning and blocked energy? What is Kundalini Activation? How do you process karma to become enlightened? How do you activate your spirit-light-body to ascend into the Higher Paradigm?

There are many ways up the ‘spiritual mountain’, for each of us there is a unique path. Yet those who have climbed before often speak of five key expansions, five key ‘altitudes’ through which all tend to pass. It is a common journey that has been established by spiritual masters throughout the ages.

The 5GATEWAYS project has been inspiring thousands of people around the world since its release in 2007. Now this remastered book contains an extra 80 pages of tools, tips and priceless advice for your evolution. 5GATEWAYS is the blueprint for mankind’s next evolutionary leap.

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Acclaimed view of the five expansions of consciousness on road to ascension. Invaluable tools, tips and advice. Download the interactive (pdf) ebook and begin right now for £7.50.

This book is a part of the illuminating Openhand 5D Ascension Series

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This book is a part of the illuminating Openhand’s 5D Ascension Series

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A profound, age-old and priceless spiritual routemap that you can apply effectively in all aspects of your daily life.
Understanding what is an inner consciousness Gateway – how to know if you’re passing through one.
Ways of catalysing your evolution including meditation techniques, self realisation approaches and Kundalini Activation.
A comprehensive pallet of tools, tips and advice for dealing with energy blockages, conditioned behaviours and karma.
Understanding the true meaning of Enlightenment – how this can enhance your life beyond imagination.
Methods of activating your spirit-light-body, sacred sexuality, divine manifestation and Ascension.
Crystal clear, higher consciousness insight into the way forwards for humanity through these times of profound change.

About the author

I am a Higher Dimensional Bridge – which means I help people connect into the Higher Dimensions; to access their True Self and realign with the natural flow of the Universe. To achieve this, I work with a team of Ascended Master Energies working in the ether that I call “Openhand”. Energy is transmitted through written or spoken word, and at gatherings by resonating frequencies of authentic beingness. People begin to notice, free up, and integrate lost aspects of themselves. I’m working closely with the Benevolent Mission in the ether around the earth to support humanity’s shift into the Higher Paradigm.

Author’s Note

“5GATEWAYS has been written as an insightful spiritual text book to accompany you on your journey, which people tend to dip into and out of, highlighting the sections that most resonate at the time. It is the second in the Openhand series The 5D Ascension Program, which is our framework for your inner inquiry, to help you unfold your consciousness and shift into the New 5D Paradigm – to greatly enhance your life. That is the benevolent intent behind this book. I wish you great joy and success on your journey.”



This book is part of the Openhand 5D Ascension Series

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