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How did Original Humans really apear on planet earth? Why are things here so convoluted and how are they truly unwinding through the Shift? This book takes you on a multidimensional journey, from the deserts of Arizona to the planes of Africa, from Lemuria to Atlantis, sharing earth-shattering higher dimensional realisation, together with incontravertible scientific evidence, that proves humanity did NOT descend naturally from the apes.

The revelations contained in this book, can inspire a deep unwinding of your past life karma and unleash buried fragments of soul. It’s designed to help you work through the karmic convolution, and through direct experience, show you how to activate your Spirit Light Body, which will be your vehicle of Ascension into “Divinicus” – the next evolution of Humanity.

The main purpose of the book is to provide an illuminating blueprint, to become a vibrant energetic contributor in the upcoming vibrational shift into a New 5D Paradigm of Being. This will be the healing of Humanity and the Planet. It’s time to step into the new evolution.

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DIVINICUS (Interactive PDF)

Ground-breaking book from Lemuria to Atlantis, from Sirius to the Pleiades where humanity came from and is going to. Download the interactive (pdf) ebook and begin right now for £6.50.

This book is a part of the illuminating Openhand 5D Ascension Series

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This book is a part of the illuminating Openhand 5D Ascension Series

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Sharing Humanity’s true Higher Dimensional heritage through Benevolent Seeding during the Lemurian Epoch.
Providing incontravertible evidence that Homo Sapiens has been hybrised from Original Humans at the time of Atlantis.
How the Benevolent Mission around the earth is now breaking down the intervention and supporting humanity’s next evolution: the divine being Divinicus.
Direct first hand experience sharing ground breaking process on how to activate your Spirit Light Body, which becomes your vehicle of Ascension.
Illuminating the Earth’s path forwards through the completing Pole Shift and Galactic trigger leading to the transformative Solar Nova “Event”.

About the author

I am a Higher Dimensional Bridge – which means I help people connect into the Higher Dimensions; to access their True Self and realign with the natural flow of the Universe. To achieve this, I work with a team of Ascended Master Energies working in the ether that I call “Openhand”. Energy is transmitted through written or spoken word, and at gatherings by resonating frequencies of authentic beingness. People begin to notice, free up, and integrate lost aspects of themselves. I’m working closely with the Benevolent Mission in the ether around the earth to support humanity’s shift into the Higher Paradigm.

Author’s Note

“DIVINICUS is the message I was given to incarnate and share here with humanity. But rather than just speaking it, the Benevolent Mission in the ether guided me on a journey of rediscovery, that you can follow through the pages, seeing how the reality all drops steadily into place. It is meant to clarify why there are so many veils to work through in order that this truth may fully land. And as it does, I witness how powerfully it can shift a person’s reality, bringing people back into the great universal fold. It feels like coming home.”



This book is part of the Openhand 5D Ascension Series

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