Cancellations/rebooking policy

We trust you’ll have wonderful and illuminating experiences at the Openhand Events. However, for various reasons you may not be able to attend. Otherwise where travel restrictions are being imposed in society we may have to reschedule terrestrial events or transfer them online. Here is our general returns policy we provide when booking events with us.

What happens if you need to cancel an event with Openhand?

Unfortunate circumstances do happen, and we work to be as helpful and considerate of your circumstances as possible. We do ask you to also understand and empathise with how Openhand plans and shapes events too. We operate as a not-for-profit and we work to make our events accessible to all people of whatever background and financial circumstances. So when you pay for an event, the funds go not just into that event itself, but also the day-to-day running of the company. Plus for each full paying person, we commit to helping others less financially advantaged. This means that it’s not always straightforward to return monies in the event of cancellation – those funds will most likely already be committed elsewhere. Here’s what we commit and endeavour to do…

Refund/transfer of Deposits

Cooling off period
If you book an event and pay a deposit, but have second throughts, then there is a 7 day cooling off period where we’ll readily refund your deposit in full or transfer it to a future event that you tell us about. Email us here…

After the cooling of period for the deposit, your funds will already have been committed to the event, to the running of day-to-day operations or to the assistance of bursary places and so the deposit is not refundable.

Refund/transfer of Balancing Payments

You’ll usually be asked to make the balancing payment for an event within one month of it beginning. Funds cannot be returned at this point, because they will then be committed to the running of Openhand in day-to-day operations, to the organisation of the event itself or to help provide reduced price bursary places for others. However, if you have to cancel up to one week before the event, then we will transfer the balancing payment (not including the deposit) across to another event of your choice, providing the event is within 1 year of your original booking.

Cancellations within the last week before an event cannot be refunded. However, we will endeavour to resell the place, and if the place is filled, then we will be able to refund your balancing payment (not including the original deposit).

Terrestrial Events Going Online in the Event of Travel Restrictions

Where a terrestrial event cannot go ahead as scheduled due to imposed travel restrictions (virus measures etc), in that the organisers are not allowed to travel to the venue or other local participants, then we reserve the right to transfer the event online. The cost of accommodation and food will be subtracted from the originally listed price.

Contact Us

Please email us if you have any inquiries or questions about our refund policy…