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RESURRECTION: Reclaiming Our Divinity: SEDONA, 21st Sep

21 Sep


Overview:  Openhand is an organisation at the cutting edge of the planetary shift to 5D, working with Ascended Master Consciousness, that’s been supporting evolving people around the planet for over 20 years. This is a one day event in Sedona, sharing insight from Openhand’s new body of work, RESURRECTION, applying groundbreaking spiritual practices for the Ascension to 5D. It’s designed mainly for seasoned travellers on the path, but also open to newbies.

In this workshop, you’ll gain priceless insight, into leading-edge spiritual, meditative approaches, based on Himalayan yogic practices, combined with enlightened philosophical explorations of how to successfully raise your vibration to go with the Shift. And most importantly, how to break through limiting 4D past life karma which blocks that transition.

We’ve reached a pivotal point in the Shift, where the inflow of Galactic Energies is challenging the fabric of society – the “simulation” – affecting all aspects of our lives.  Come work with Planetary Shift Facilitator, “Open”, backed by the Ascended Masters, to forge your path forwards and infuse your regular life with uplifting higher dimensional consciousness.

Please Note: This is a 1-day introductory event. For those interested, it leads into a week-long retreat

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2024 Activation of a Benevolent Mission

“There comes a point in history, when the tides of change can no longer be suppressed or denied.” 

We’ve reached a historic moment in history for humanity and the planet. The rising consciousness of the Shift, is exposing the limitations and deceptions of the old karmic construct. The veils are falling, as new spiritual practices and viewpoints, but grounded in ancient buried wisdom, are now bubbling up and coming to the fore to liberate people. It’s about resurrecting our full divinity from ancient Lemurian times.

Right back through the annals of Human history, you can detect the shadowy grasp of a nefarious energy that’s derailed humanity’s natural evolutionary journey. In this workshop, we’ll look at how that deception works within the chakra system and 4D energy body, so we can illuminate it and strip it out. We’ll then integrate Tibetan alchemy, that originally shaped the New Age, and explore how to activate dormant aspect of beingness – 9-Rays of consciousness that form your soul-ray-harmonic. Unleash this, and it’s a game-changer in your life and reality.

Using Ground Breaking Openhand Meditations and Illuminating Self-Realisation, incorporating Himalayan Yogic Practices, crafted through years of development, we take you on a journey deeper into the profound nature of your being. But this is only the beginning. We’ll then activate soul, and work to untether it from karmic density that’s been limiting or destabilising your life at this key moment. Whether new to this work or a seasoned traveller, a new shift of quantum possibility becomes available. We’ll help you harness higher dimensional light that is currently infusing the planet, that will transform your life by unleashing new creative consciousness through the heart. It’s what we can call the “Christ Consciousness”.

Event Overview:

  1. Essential insight into the immediate landscape of the Shift – the Grand Galactic Convergence of cycles and the “Event” we’re concluding to
  2. Understanding and Activating the Natural Flower of Life, our Kundalini Torus, to channel vibrant new energies into our lives
  3. In-depth exploration of how fundamental Intervention energies block the chakras and derail the soul, so as to negate their interference
  4. Connecting into, or deepening the connection, into your Sacred Ground of Being – the “mast in the storm”, as we cross the turbulent 4D “Red Sea” of karma
  5. An understanding of the “Christ Consciousness”, and other essential attunments of authentic beingness, to successfully weave the landscape around us.

You’ll be held in higher dimensional, Ascended Master Consciousness, to reveal the next highest version of you.

We’ll be working from Openhand’s Ground-Breaking RESURRECTION approach

“Just what the Earth needs right now. Genius!” Sky Dancer

This is Openhand’s New Body of Work, entitled RESURRECTION, based on the Breakthrough Approach, but augmented to deal with activating karma. It’s based on Openhand’s acclaimed spiritual philosophy, that is open to newbies and seasoned travellers alike.

The Book is available in paperback and eBook, availble at this link below, to support your revelations around the event…

Purchase RESURRECTION, eBook or Paperback

Guided By Open, Embodying the Openhand Energies

The event will be guided by Open, who is a higher dimensional bridge embodying the Openhand Energies. It’s a field of Ascended Master Consciousness that can bring dormant aspects of your own Higher Self alive. Open is readily able to empathically attune to your field, activate and process through karmic blockages. He’s also highly aware and skilled at removing entities and implants in a person’s field. He’ll be opening portals into the angellic realm to support your processing and also bridges to star-soul groups that can animate new frequencies of beingness. His purpose and skill is to unleash the latest higher version of you in your life and into the world.

Testimonials of Openhand Work:

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The Event will take place at a marvellous, highly energetic, studio of “Sedonya” in the heart of Sedona. It will commence at 10am and complete at 5:30 pm (with 1hr for lunch) in the Quan Yin Room. Visit the website for photos, details and location: Sedonya

Please use a time converter to be sure of the time in your location: worldtimebuddy.com


Cost: £135 which equates to approximately to $170 USD.


To Book a place, full payment is required. Scroll to the bottom to book your option.
For your information, here is our cancellations policy.

Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are either reinvested to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening or else gifted to help feed homeless people in our home town Glastonbury.

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For more information, or to inquire about a Bursary reduction (for the financially constrained), contact us:

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An Alchemical Gathering to Meet a Pivotal Moment in the Shift

The work during the event will be based on Openhand’s newly acclaimed body of work, RESURRECTION, which you can gain insight into with this intro video…

“Believe it or not, these are the times we’ve been waiting for. The system is reacting to our immaculate resurgence of consciousness. The times are highly alchemical as the landscape around us shifts irrevocably. Fear not change and transformation, for great opportunity and possibility are abound. We’ll take those karmic triggers that are firing off, that have thus far derailed you. We’ll unravel them to elevate your consciousness, especially within your relationships, careers and general living circumstances. We’ll help you come more from an aligned heart space, by truly understanding how the (non-religious) “Christ Consciousness” can weave a more harmonious reality.

Above all, in whatever you are doing, and what is going on in your life, we’ll help you centre in a much deeper sense of balance and harmony – much less affected by the machinations of the 3D world.

We very much look forwards to hosting you.” Open & The Team❤️


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2024/09/21 - Sedona Resurrection
One day RESURRECTION event in Sedona, exploring the emergence of humanity through 4D karma into 5D (bursary options available for financially constrained)
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21 Sep
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United Kingdom


Openhand Ascension Academy
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