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Divine Being

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Preparing people for the planetary ascension of consciousness into 5D.

Openhand is an Ancient wisdom, a higher dimensional Ascended Master Bridge, to connect you to your profound majesty of being and to quantum shift your journey into the next evolution of humanity.

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    Stage 1: Breakthrough Limiting Past Life Karma

    Break through into your True Self in the Sacred Ground of Being. Release past life Karma and Opposing Consciousness that derails and limits in life.

    Stage 2: Higher Guidance for Multidimensional living

    Harness accurate aligned Higher Dimensional soul guidance, and benevolent support, to live successfully and abundantly as we shift into 5D consciousness.

    Stage 3: Actualise Your Destiny As a 5D Being

    Unleash your Spirit Light Body & activate 5D DNA, to realise Ascension into 5th Density Consciousness, embodied as your Divine Being. Thrive in multidimensional living now.

    Actualise your divine potential.

    Openhand’s Ascension Academy provides ground-breaking meditation and self-realisation processes within an annual framework of seminars, retreats and courses each building on the previous stage.

    Open – A Higher Dimensional Bridge

    The work of the Openhand Ascension Academy is guided by Open.

    “I incarnated specifically to support people in the Shift. By embodying the Openhand Ascended Master Energies I help people actualise their Divine Being, what we call DIVINICUS. I’m skilled in helping people break down limiting karma, align with the universal flow and unleash their unrealised multidimensional potential.”

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    Featured Events


    15 – 22 May | Divinicus Retreat

    7 Day Retreat in Mexico Openhand’s stage 3, Release ancient human Karma, activate spirit light body.

    5 – 10 July | Facilitator School

    Become an accredited Spiritual facilitator, Cutting edge processes Learn to develop successful Spiritual business. Online

    6 – 9 August | Avalon Rising

    World Ascension Summit. Meet kindred Spirits Illuminating meditations and presentations. Entertaining Guests. Lion’s Gate Energy Portal.

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