Openhand Outreach Coordinator

Becoming a part of the Openhand team is a great honour of mine and to continue growing and connecting with the Openhand family brings me so much excitement for the future. Thus far I’ve developed and manage Openhand’s┬áinto5D Instagram page, and this is set to expand by bringing the Openhand message to wider groups and streams of awakening in the world, especially the younger generation, who are now waking up to the 5D Ascension.

I greatly look fowards to forming those bridges and connecting with plenty of you who are already in the Openhand family too!

Why am I here? What is my purpose? Surely we don’t rest for eternity in a square box buried 6ft in the ground? Surely not? I can remember on many occasions sitting in the back of my mum’s car being immersed in a great sense of melancholy as I enquired on the truth of these questions.

I’ve been through a lot at a young age, and in hindsight I am grateful I have. If your character isn’t tested I guess it’s hard to know who you are and what you’re really made of. To describe myself in three worlds I would use introspective, caring and intuitive (perhaps those around me would add a fourth – cheeky!).

If my intuition is telling me something different than the norm, then it’s my intuition that I pay attention to. This has led me to question many things in this reality: the structure of the educational system; the morality of authoritarian figures being able to predispose what is right and what is wrong; what we can and cannot do; questioning the accuracy of what we are told by the media. The metaphorical bubble has well and truly burst!

I am no longer a victim of the conditioning, a realisation that I am indeed a spiritual being having a human experience. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact day this occurred but for the past three or so years I have truly dedicated myself to spiritual development – it became the number one priority: to uncover life’s vast mysteries; to assist humanity in awakening from this deep slumber; to discover more of who I am, what I am, and what I’m capable of; to express and share the unbounded amount of love and light that shines through me.

I started The Good Buddha to express my creative talents as well as to share the knowledge and wisdom that helps along my journey. If I share what I know and learn, then it will only further my own understanding. I have plentiful social media marketing experience working with various mainstream companies, which I’m now bringing to the spiritual arena. The Good Buddha is about applying these lessons with my heart’s calling.

The Good Buddha still at the birthing stage, so as well as posting various poetry, images and quotes on the social media pages,we have recently launched the Blog section to feature various truths that resonate. The next stage coming soon is The Good Buddha Shop – providing conscious products that assist people on their journey. The first release will be bracelets engraved with Sanskrit mantras – the focus being to bring the ancient wisdom of our ancestors to the forefront of our minds today. I’m deeply excited and impassioned by the prospect of what we have to offer in today’s modern society.

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