Tilly Bud

Openhand Community Connector

Tilly is Openhand’s “Community Connector”, which is really all about weaving connections between people within the Openhand virtual family. She will usually be your first port of call and the first person to respond to any questions you might have in engaging with Openhand. Having been around since the early conception of Openhand (formerly as Lesley Lord in the 5GATEWAYS film), she has an indepth understanding of the philosophy – she will often joke how she was the “guinea pig” within it’s early development! Tilly’s wider responsibility also includes weaving our events together: taking bookings, liasing with you on all administration coordination, sending out joining instructions and following up with any necessary support afterwards. She will also be coordinating our facilitator network, initiating connections where you’re seeking one-on-one facilitation.

Tilly has a wealth of experience within the Awakening/Ascension arena. Having travelled through several varied walks of life, and most frequently in a service orientated role, she has the perfect level of empathy to meet you on an energetic level. Her role will be to guide you through the Openhand work and particulary the development framework of the 5D Ascension Program, which is our evolutionary backbone.

Tilly is also known for her broad and colourful experience in Shamanism, having trained and developed as a firewalking instructor with Sundoor International, and then subsequently leading many of her own firewalks and sweat lodges over the years, including plenty for Openhand. Her new Zoom “Sweet Lodge” needs to be experienced to be believed!

With her grounded, down-to-earth vibe, yet tuned in with the deep alchemy of shamanism, it is entirely appropriate that she is known as the “Urban Shaman”.

I know myself to be an Urban Shaman. Someone who feels close to Mother Earth, even in the concrete confines of the city. I feel my connection though the burgeoning of spring, blossoms of summer, fiery colours of autumn and icy slumber of winter. I express through the co-creative cycles of my garden, which nourishes my mind, body and spirit. I feel a kinship with tribal cultures and honour the glimpses I have had into their cultures, much of which resonates deeply. It truly inspires and informs my work, yet I seek not to copy, rather to know myself as an expression of a modern day, city-born, re-connected Soul living in an urban environment. A Soul who found her full Awakening through Firewalking and her “church” and Soulful expression in the heat of the Sweat Lodge.

My purpose is to practice the Healing Arts, live close to Mother Earth and be a Steward of Divine Connection. I’m developing a body of work to help people connect with Mother Earth, with their Core self, and with Benevolent guidance. Particularly to help urban dwellers connect with nature and the cycles of life.

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